About Matt

Matt Baker has been performing magic since the age of 10.  He has won multiple awards for his magic, including the Atlanta Society of Magicians' “Top Dog” trophy and (twice, most recently in 2019) the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year award.  Don’t expect rabbits and hats: Matt’s specialty is sleight-of-hand card magic, but he also performs astonishing feats of mind reading and has been known to make impossible things happen with coins, rubber bands, and finger rings.  Matt performs strolling magic at cocktail parties and also does formal close-up and stage shows at banquets, fundraisers, schools, and private events.  He loves creating original magic routines, and his work has been featured in some of the leading magic journals in the world (including Genii and The Linking Ring).  His first book on magic, The Buena Vista Shuffle Club, was published in April 2019 and has met with wide acclaim.

Matt has performed three times at the invitation-only Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic, the world’s premiere close-up magic convention, and in 2018 he recorded a Penguin Live Acts show and lecture in Columbus, OH.  In July 2019, Matt was a featured lecturer at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention in Scottsdale, AZ. Matt has performed magic across the U.S., as well as in Colombia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan (he once made a bar waitress in Japan gasp and drop her bottle of sake).

When he’s not baffling and entertaining audiences with his magic, Matt keeps busy with his wife and three children and a full-time job as a math professor and Associate Dean at Georgia Tech.  Matt has won numerous awards for his teaching, including the 2010 University System of Georgia Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award, which was awarded in part for Matt’s innovative use of magic in the classroom.  Matt’s research in mathematics has been supported by numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and he is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.  


  • In 2018, Matt spent four days in Spain studying magic with Juan Tamariz, the world's greatest living close-up magician.

  • Matt was once a contestant on the TV show Jeopardy!  He didn't win, but he did come in second place and he got a deluxe backyard barbecue smoker out of the deal.

  • Matt once won a national writing contest, and he took a semester-long poetry workshop with the Poet Laureate of the US.

  • Matt’s wife, a Peabody and Emmy award-winning television producer, is also an avid gardener and musician.

  • Matt spent three years as an Assistant Professor at Harvard, and once delivered a math lecture in French during a month-long stint as a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris. Several attendees were overheard saying "Qu'est-ce qu'il a dit?", which according to Matt means "Wow, his French is excellent."

  • Matt has written several original songs and took guitar lessons from an award-winning singer-songwriter in Boston.

  • Matt once bit into a quiche in a small town in southern France and then watched in horror as maggots (and half-maggots) crawled out. This is one reason he doesn’t watch horror movies.