Testimonials from Clients


"Don't miss the mind-blowing magic of Matt Baker... Matt, by day a mild-mannered mathematician and dad, is by night a magician of scary mad skills.  Your Newsnotes Staff, despite having seen two of Matt's shows, in no way advocates a return to an earlier, more superstitious age in which he would certainly have been burned at the stake.  However, it must be said that in our opinion, there is NO EARTHLY WAY that someone acting without the aid of the dark arts could possibly perform such effects, and to be on the safe side, Matt should be carefully watched."

– Laura G., in a newsletter for The Berkeley School in Berkeley, CA

"I was extremely pleased that you were able to add your magical touch to our trustee holiday party. You gave more than we asked for and it was received with great pleasure and awe."

– Pat W., Chief Administrative Officer of the Georgia Tech Foundation

"What a blast! Dr. Baker is a master. Witty, intelligent and a great magician. Very good show."

– Bill E.

Testimonials from Magicians

"Matt Baker is a thoughtful, smart performer. His material mixes subtle methods and engaging presentations, and the result is always fun to watch."

– Joshua Jay

"Matt is smart. Matt is clever. Matt Baker has repeatedly fooled me badly. His plots are clear cut and appealing and his methods are diabolical."

– Mike Powers

"Combine Matt's personality with his expertise and you obtain that classic yet rare experience: being fooled by a gentleman."

– Vincent Hedan

"Matt Baker is my favorite magician you've never heard of... yet. He fools everyone but the smartest person in the room… and that’s only because that's Matt himself. Carefully crafted principles are combined in new ways that make me giddy with excitement every time I see him perform."

– Caleb Wiles

"Matt Baker is one of the magic world's best kept secrets. He has fooled me time and again with his clever methods and original thinking."

– Dan Garrett

"I have seen several of Matt's routines and was fascinated and fooled."
– John Bannon